Foundation Stallion ~ Gen. Stonewall Jackson's Little Sorrel

Foundation Stallion ~ Gen. Stonewall Jackson's Little Sorrel


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A Morgan from a small Connecticut town became its most famous son when he became the mount of Confederate General Andrew Jackson during the Civil War.  Intended for Northern troops, the transport train carrying the horse was captured by Southern soldiers.  General Jackson was in need of a mount and chose two chestnut (sorrel) horses from the group.  He intended to ride the larger horse into battle and send the smaller, which he named Fancy, to his wife as a gift.  However, the larger horse, which he named Big Sorrel, proved too spooky and unreliable to ride into battle, so he switched to the smaller horse.  When Fancy proved a calm and intelligent mount, General Jackson changed the horse's name to Little Sorrel and rode him throughout the war.  The horse  saw some of the worst battles and carried his rider faithfully. 

Jackson was aboard him when he was fatally wounded by friendly fire.  The horse moved to Jackson's home for a while, then to the Virginia Military Institute after the war, where he enjoyed a long, well-earned retirement.  He lived to the ripe age of 36, and after he passed, was mounted and remains on display at VMI to inspire many generations.

[Little Sorrel in retirement; photo credit]

Breyer created this portrait of Little Sorrel on the Foundation Stallion mold for their Horses In History series.  He was only available in 2000-2001.

This fellow is Factory Mint with one pinpoint speck of black on his right barrel that we believe is overspray from his leg shading.  He features bright coloring with a dark chestnut mane and tail and even darker leg shading.  He comes with his original box with has a crack on the front and is somewhat dirty, but includes bio info about the real Little Sorrel.  If you don't want the box, let us know when you order and we'll help it find a home.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1110

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