Friesian, Custom Pegasus ~ Rigal

Friesian, Custom Pegasus ~ Rigal


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The Friesian was turned into a beautiful Pegasus by Pamela Owens.  This custom, created in 2012, has a pearly white coat with grey shading, and both grey shading and blue interference accents in his wings.

This fellow is hard to rate, being a custom.  His paint job is really pretty, but he was originally shipped before the finish cured, wrapped in fabric, so he has a lot of lint and dust stuck to his back and chest.  If you give him a good scrubbing to remove it, he should display beautifully.  I'm not sure the finish has actually ever cured solidly, so we prefer to ship him in cool weather, when the wrappings are less likely to stick to him.  He is done in metallic pearly whites and silvery greys, with a hint of metallic blue shading in his wings, and muzzle pinking.  He wears a Celtic Cross decal "brand" on his left hip, under his glossy finish.  Quite a pretty boy.  He even comes with a COA from his artist and a story she wrote to give him a backstory.


Size:  Traditional

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