Friesian ~ Montanara - Breyerfest 2022

Friesian ~ Montanara - Breyerfest 2022


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Montanara is one on of only two Black Forest Stallions in North America (as of 2022).  This endangered breed numbers fewer than 3500 purebreds in the world, but people are working hard to preserve these gorgeous horses.  They are light drafters, and are used in farms, woodlots, and other hard-working jobs.  They are typically liver chestnut with thick, luxurious flaxen manes and tails, like this handsome boy. 

[Montanara; photo credit Once Upon a Dream Acres, courtesy Breyer]


Breyer honored "Monty" with a portrait model on the Friesian mold, showing off his gorgeous hair, socks and blaze.  He was only available to ticket holders at Breyerfest 2022.  Only 3000 were made.

This fellow is still in his sealed box with some of the prettiest shading we've seen!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711516

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