Friesian ~ The Gypsy King

Friesian ~ The Gypsy King


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The Gypsy King was one of those rare horses whose name starts with "The" for a reason.  Truly a king among Gypsy Vanners, this handsome black and white pinto is the reason so many of us fell in love with the breed.  He was huge, powerfully built, strikingly marked, and wore the heavy mane, tail and feathering that's the breed's trademark.  Although he passed away in 2015, he has left his indelible mark on the Gypsy Horse breed with over 90 offspring.
The Gypsy King; photo credit
[The Gypsy King; photo credit]
Breyer honored The Gypsy King with a portrait model on the Friesian mold in 2007.  This release was discontinued in 2007.

This fellow is Very Good condition with nothing worse than pinpoint eartip rubs, but moderate to strong yellowing.  He's a good restoration candidate, because some time spent sunbathing should brighten him up to be handsome again.  (just cover his pink areas).  He'd also be great for a kid's herd or for customizing.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1148

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