Stablemates Collection - Set of 6 Foals


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Babies everywhere!  What an adorable set.  Included are a dun pinto standing TB foal, red dun lying TB foal, white blanket bay Appy scrambling foal, buckskin blanket appy cantering foal, sorrel scratching foal, and a black trotting foal.  This was a single-year release in 2000.

This set is still in its sealed box.  The plastic box front has yellowed some, but models appear to be bright white still, from what we can see. Yellow and white specks on closeup images are from box front and dust.  (Plastic box fronts are dust magnets!)  This is a great set for the in-box collector, to fill in missing foals, or even to use individually as gifts or prizes.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5655