Fury ~ Cowboy and Prancer

Fury ~ Cowboy and Prancer


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This cool set was a single-year release in 1998.  They were sort of "Vintage Club" before there was a Vintage Club!  This set hearkens back to the original Cowboy and Fury Prancer sets from the 1950s (the older sets had either a palomino or chestnut pinto Fury).  It includes Fury in buckskin with a metallic gold molded-on bridle, chain reins, a Western saddle, and Cowboy rider with a black Western hat, a rifle, and pistols.  

This set is still attached in their original box.  The glue has dried up on the plastic box front, so it has detached from the cardboard along the top, but it still protects them well.  Their accessories (hat, rifle, pistols) are still factory wrapped and attached to the box side.  They even come with their original hang tag, which will be bagged and placed behind the insert for safe traveling.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #717

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