Fury Prancer ~ Black Beauty - VARIATION: GREY Basecoat

Fury Prancer ~ Black Beauty - VARIATION: GREY Basecoat


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This vintage Fury Prancer was Breyer's first Black Beauty model!  Made between 1957 (or 1958 - Records are sketchy) through 1965, he saw some variations and changes in tack color and face markings during his run.

This fellow appears to have a battleship grey basecoat, which can be seen clearly  under his feet in the final photo.  He is Near Mint with some tiny hoof edge rubs, pinpoint eartip rubs, and a tiny rub on his left hindquarter that's invisible on normal display because of his dark grey undercoat.  His basecoat was thick and appears to have dried in small pools around his feet on the drying rack, giving him the appearance of slightly overgrown hooves.... a neat part of his history.  He also carries a few bits of wood from the drying rack on the bottoms of his feet.  He's a bit dusty, so he'd like a bath when he gets home, but he's a beauty.  He features a bright white (painted) star and a glossy finish like porcelain.  (White spots in photos are glare from our lighting - He's super shiny!)


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #P40

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