Fury Prancer ~ TV's Fury (Sale supports Harvest Hills Animal Shelter)

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The Fury tv show ran from 1955-1960 and was about "a wild stallion and the boy who loves him."  The horse star of the show's real name was Highland Dale.  Dale also starred in the 1946 movie "Black Beauty," and appeared in many other shows, including "Bonanza," "The Monkees," "Rin Tin Tin," and "Black Gold."  A story was told in the book "The Gentle Jungle" of a fellow acquiring an old black stallion who was in poor health.  After nursing him back to health, he discovered the horse to be smart and well-trained, but his identity was a mystery until a stuntman came by and identified him as the horse who had played Fury.  Dale lived to be thirty years old, impressive in that day and age.

[GIF of Fury with his tv family; credit horsefame.tripod.com]

This is believed to be the original release for the Fury mold:   TV's Fury.  He was produced from either 157 or 1958-1965.  While the later P40 release could occasionally be identical, with a black bridle and breastcollar instead of gold or silver, it was probably leftover Fury models used in that set.  This horse does not appear to have any scratches to indicate that he once wore a saddle or reins like the later release. 

This fellow is in Excellent condition with tiny rubs on his right hindquarter and barrel, hoof edge rubs, and then just pinpoint rubs scattered about.  He is identified by having an unpainted breast collar and bridle, along with his V-shaped star. 


This model was donated to our charity account for Harvest Hills Animal Shelter, and proceeds from its sale will help the shelter care for dogs and kitties in need.  Thanks for your support!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #27(? or P40)