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G1 Draft Horse, Dapple Grey - Bubble Dapples


  • $1995

The beloved Stablemate Draft Horse, sculpted originally by Maureen Love for Hagen-Renaker, was released in dapple grey as a regular run from 1989-1994.  This was a period of change for Breyer, and as a result, this release varies greatly over that time.  That makes this release a treasure trove for variation collectors!  This fellow is one of the later ones, as he wears bubble dapples, as opposed to the original resist dapples.  The bubble dapples are round and bright, unlike the irregular dapple shapes of the vintage style.

He is in Excellent condition with a tiny chip off from his left eartip and some tiny hoof edge rubs.  He features the best dapple grey paint job I've ever seen on a Stablemate, with the newer style bubble dapples that are better-proportioned to his size than usual and a speckly grey body color which adds even more realism.  He has a couple of larger dapples - one on his left temple and on his left girth - that make him easily identifiable in a crowd.  He wears a lovely semi-gloss finish.

Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5180