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G1 Draft Horse, Sorrel Roan - JC Penney SR


  • $1695

The beloved Stablemate Draft Horse, sculpted originally by Maureen Love for Hagen-Renaker, was made in this unusual color for the JC Penney Holiday Catalog in 1997.  He appears, while on display, to be a light coffee sorrel with darker mane and tail and a low blaze.  However, tip him over and you'll find roan dappling under his belly.  I'm not quite sure what Breyer was going for here, but he certainly makes an interesting addition to a conga!

This fellow is Near Mint with just a pinpoint eartip and pinpoint muzzle rub, both only visible under close inspection and easy to touch up.  He features a shaded head with a masked blaze, subtle body shading and highlighting, and roan dappling only under his belly.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #710897