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G1 Draft Horse, Dapple Grey - Resist Dapples


  • $2295

The beloved Stablemate Draft Horse, sculpted originally by Maureen Love for Hagen-Renaker, was released in dapple grey as a regular run from 1989-1994.  This was a period of change for Breyer, and as a result, this release varies greatly over that time.  That makes this release a treasure trove for variation collectors!  This fellow is one of the early ones, as he wears original resist dapples.  (Later releases have bubble dappling.)  

Near Mint with a rounded or chipped right eartip, which appears to have been painted over at the factory (but I can't be positive.  It may have been touched up later, but it's well-done, and his semi-gloss finish seems to match.  See close-up photo.)  He features the old-style resist dapples in a variety of sizes, shaded knees and hocks to match his mane and tail, and one hind sock.

Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5180