Trinket Box, Galloping Horse

  • $21.95

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This neat piece was made by Rucinni, a company well known for making high quality gift and fashion jewelry and jewelled boxes.  It is enamel over metal and quite heavy for its size.  This piece is hand-painted with a hinged body, gold hooves and swarovski crystals set decoratively along the seam.

This fellow is in Very Good condition with a repaired tail and some minor paint issues that look like the clear-coat may be flaking a little on his right hindquarter.  He features a haircoat paint job with a two-tone tail and jewels in his mane and along the opening to his body.  He wears a Rucinni mark inside his body.  When like new, these trinket boxes sell for $55-$65.

[Final image shows a Stablemate (sold separately) next to him for scale.]


Size: 2.75" tall