Gaming Stock Horse ~ Stingray

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Stingray is a two-time world champion barrel racer who partnered with Sherry Cervi to help her become the first cowgirl to earn over $2 million in winnings!  They were World Champions in 2010 and then came back to win it again in 2013, giving memorable performances still talked about today.  When she retired from barrel racing, Sherry's husband rode her in a roping contest... where she was immediately recognized by fans.  She returned the favor by impressing them with her cow sense, landing a great score and showing her versatility.

[Stingray with Sherry Cervi aboard; photo credit]
Stingray, whose registered name is MP Meter My Hay, was honored with this portrait model on the Gaming Stock Horse mold in 2020.  The lovely palomino mare wears two socks and a dark grey stripe in her tail.

Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #1821