Genuine Horse Shoe Dream Catcher

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Horse shoes have always been considered lucky, and dream-catchers are a wonderful way to bring positive energy into your home.  What better combination could there be, than to weave a dream catcher right into a genuine horse shoe?

Our horse shoe dream catchers are each individually hand-crafted by an artist in the USA from real, unused horse shoes.  She has been weaving dream-catchers for decades, and her pieces are works of art.  She weaves the web by hand, places either a crystal or a tiny horse in the center, and adorns it with feathers in your choice of colors.  She even weaves matching carved gemstone beads into the web for a beautiful accent. 


Each one is unique!

How to order:

  • Choose your feather colors and whether you'd like a tiny horse or a crystal in the center.
  • Place your order
  • Email Eleda or use the "Order Notes" field at checkout to tell us which colors and center item you want. 
  • We'll ask her to create this special dream-catcher just for you! 

Need some color inspiration?  Our most popular colors are:

Natural-Striped & Natural-Striped with a Crystal
Pink & Purple with a White Horse
Turquoise & White with a Black Horse
White & White with a Crystal
...but don't let these limit you - there are over a hundred possible combinations!  match your stable colors, your horse's halter color, your home decor, or just your favorite colors.


Color options (choose one or two):

  • Black
  • Hunter Green
  • Natural-Striped
  • Natural-Warm
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Dark Red
  • Baby Blue
  • White

Center item options (choose one):

  • Prismatic Crystal
  • Tiny Horse - Black
  • Tiny Horse - White
  • Tiny Horse - Bay
  • Tiny Horse - Palomino



We also offer a very special keepsake add-on - Do you have something special, like some of your horse's hair, his baby tooth, etc?  Our artist can weave it into the dreamcatcher to make it a truly personal keepsake.  If you'd like to have that done, you'll need to mail the special item(s) to us for her to use.  A small fee applies and completion time will be dependent on how quickly you can get the item to us for her to use.  We'll email you after checkout to provide you the address to send your keepsake item.


(Expect 2-3 weeks delivery time, since these are hand-crafted specifically for you.)