Gift Wrapping!

Triple Mountain Model Horses

  • $4.95

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Sending horses to someone as a gift?  We can make your gift even more special by wrapping it in horse or My Little Pony gift wrap and topping it with a bow for an amazing unboxing experience! 

Young horse lovers love our colorful, cute My Little Pony wrap!


Since we have such a wide variety of models and items to choose from, we price this service according to the amount of paper and time the wrap will require.  We ask that you choose the appropriate level for type of item(s) you'd like wrapped. 

Service fee is per item to be wrapped.  If you'd only like certain items wrapped, please choose the options for those items and specify in a note at checkout which items are to be wrapped.

Sets sold as one item will be wrapped together and charged as a single item.  Retired items that don't come with a box will be wrapped over their bubble wrap.

If purchase of wrap service doesn't match the item(s) you'd like wrapped, there will be a delay in shipping as we attempt to contact you to sort it out.


Large Package  = $4.95 each
Choose for Traditional model, Classic Sets, Schleich Large Horse Stable 
Medium Package = $3.95 each
Choose for Classic/Freedom Series model, Stablemates set, Hagen-Renaker model, Schleich and CollectA models, T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs
Small Package = $3.95
Choose for Stablemate singles, Mini Whinnies and Pocket Box.  We can wrap up to six items of this size together in one package


(Choose size and item quantity above, near photo.)  If you have any question about choosing the gift wrapping option, please feel welcome to email Eleda.