Gilbert Mustang Stallions Lamp


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Now here's something you won't find for sale often!  This is a Gilbert lamp featuring knockoffs of the Hartland Mustang mold.  It's estimated to have been produced in the 1950s or 1960s.  The horses are about a third smaller than the Hartland sculpts, but appear the same in all other ways.  The horses are made out of a light plastic, similar to Hartlands.  The bay features lighter lower legs and a glossy finish.  The grey is really interesting - He has a color that might be described as roan or grey Leopard App... It appears he was done in layers: first white, then speckled with dark grey, then sprayed white over that.  The top coat appears to have somewhat melted and blended the darker color, resulting in a really neat, unique pattern!  I don't know how many of these lamps were produced, but it's a sure bet that each of these greys is a one-of-a-kind.

The lamp base is hollow plastic, the color of wood, and features a gold metallic sticker on the front that reads "Stallions."  It comes complete with its original shade - a hard-to-find item, considering these are also made of plastic, which becomes somewhat brittle with age.  The shade is yellowed with age, but looks like it was meant to be that color, as it matches well its decorations.  A mare and foal cavort on one side, while two stallions do battle on the other, while a knotted rope border ties the whole thing together.  The wiring appears original but I can't be sure, as the others I found while researching this piece all had replacement wiring.  It does have a vintage polarized plug and a UL sticker on the bottom of the base, and it does work, but for safety, I don't think I would operate it regularly, or unattended.

The models have some rubs, more visible on white horse's black points.  The grey horse has a melty-pattern in his paint (seen on all the lamps I've researched), which gives him a really neat appearance, somewhat marbled.  The bay horse is in great condition.  Their forelegs are glued together for extra sturdiness.  Base is plastic with woodgrain top.  It has a few scratches.  The shade has yellowed with age and has some dull speckling which may come off with a good cleaning. 

Measurements approx.: 15" high including base and shade, Horses 7-1/2" high, base 10-3/4" long by 6" wide.  Be aware that shipping will be based on 6 pounds, as these lamps are heavy when properly wrapped for safe shipping. 

If you're looking for something unusual for yourself or a collector you know, this is something they'll probably never find elsewhere!