Goffert ~ Noelle, Peace On Earth - 2008 Holiday Horse


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This beautiful Holiday Horse is Noelle, a creamy, pearly palomino on the Goffert Friesian mold.  He wears a hunter green velvet saddle with green, gold, and ivory trim, a matching bridle and breast collar, and strings of pearls that hang down over his tail.  A dove and white roses perch on his saddle, a white feathered plume crowns his bridle, and a gold ribbon wishes "Peace on Earth."  Sparkling snowflakes drip from his collar.

This fellow is still attached in his original box.  Like every model in this release, his snowflakes were put onto their ribbons with a dot of hot glue, which has dried over the years so that they snowflakes are falling off.  However, unlike most you'll find, since he's still sealed in his box, the snowflakes are with him, and will be easy to reattach with a bit of glue.  His box shows wear on both left and right sides from being slid in and out of storage boxes next to other boxed models before he came to us.  He's a beautiful horse, with lovely face shading and that pearlescent finish that really brings him to life.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #700108