Grazing Arabian Mare, Blue-Grey (Sale supports Harvest Hills Animal Shelter)


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This super pretty color on the Grazing Arabian Mare was only available in Hartland's 1964 catalog.  She features a deep grey / blue-grey body with white mane and tail and darker lower legs.

She is in Excellent condition with a scattering of tiny rubs and some scratches which only go through the finish.  She also shows moderate yellowing that should be correctable with some time spent sunbathing.  She features dark face shading. V stamp inside hind leg and semi-gloss finish.

This model was donated to our charity account for Harvest Hills Animal Shelter, and proceeds from its sale will help the shelter care for dogs and kitties in need.  Thanks for your support!


Size:  9" Series (Hartland designation; not actual height)

Hartland Model #876