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Grazing Foal, Bay


  • $1195

This adorable filly was only produced from 1967-1976.  She is a sweet bay with bald face and four socks.  She is done in a deep caramel color with very smooth finish and lovely, realistic highlights, with a satin finish.

She is in Near Mint condition, with one small hoof edge rub on her left front foot, which is also slightly bent (you can correct this easily with a warm hair dryer).  Beyond that , no rubs or other issues were noted.  Her color is lighter than most, her whites are very white, she features muzzle and inner ear pinking, plus glossy eyes and glossy grey feet.  Please note:  Her hind leg is not bent - it's a camera illusion, as you can see in the second photo.  This is the prettiest Grazing Foal we've ever come across.  She wears the USA and B mold marks.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #151