Grazing Mare and Foal ~ Buttons and Bows, Palomino

Grazing Mare and Foal ~ Buttons and Bows, Palomino


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The sweet Grazing Mare and Foal were made in palomino from 1961-1980.  During that time, lots of shades and variations occurred, but they always wear four socks and airbrushed bald faces.  Breyer named her Buttons, and her matching foal, originally sold separately, is called Bows.

This lady is in Excellent condition with a group of tiny rubs on her left rump, along with a few pinpoint rubs on her body and some tiny hairline marks, plus ear edge and hoof edge rubs.  She is a beautiful vintage mare, with a lovely caramel body color, featuring highlights all the way to white, unglossed eyes, and muzzle pinking.  No USA mark.

Her foal is in Very Good condition with a broken left ear, but her color makes her well worth having.  She has what looks like a long wear-rub along her back, but it seems to be under her finish.  She does have some other rubs, but I keep coming back to that color - She's got the "coolest" tone I've ever seen on any Breyer palomino!  It's like the lightest coffee with cream.  She has beautiful highlights and muzzle pinking.  No USA mark.

They arrived here together, so we're keeping them together.  Won't you give them a good new home?


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #143 & 153

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