Grazing Arabian Mare, Light Dove Grey


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This  beautiful mare is done in the softest grey with a black mane, tail, and points. She is made of styrene, and was only produced from 1984-1986.  She has been in Eleda's personal collection since the mid-1980s when she was purchased new, so that gives us a basic time frame for her production.  She's a real beauty, and in great condition!

This pretty lady has not a single rub, scratch or mark on her!  She does have two small factory flaws:  One is around her left eye, which looks like a couple of hairline cracks, visible only up close.  They don't affect her appearance at all and are invisible from a foot away.  The other is a hairline stripe that went unpainted:  It's in the fold of her neck muscle on the left side and is about 1/2" long.  Because of its location, it's also all but invisible.  She is done in a matte finish, and finding one without a single rub or mark is quite a challenge.  She wears an "R" stamp. Her coloring (at least on this monitor) is most accurately shown in the first photo.


Size:  9" size (She's scaled for the 9" series but because her head is down, her actual height is approx 6.5" to the top of her withers.)

Hartland Model:  (Steven)  #239