Grazing Mare, Palomino VARIATION: Bay body color?


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The sweet Grazing Mare was made in palomino from 1961-1980.  During that time, lots of shades and variations occurred.  We've seen light palomino, orangey palomino, and rich caramel, but we have never before seen one with this body color!  She has the darkest body color of any palomino we've seen - It looks like the bay's body color.  Could this be a factory "oops" or experiment?

This lady is in Excellent condition, With a few tiny rubs here and there, but none serious.    We also keep re-checking her to see if she's chalky.  (She's not, but she has that "look," if you know what I mean.)  Her paint job is speckly and her mane and tail are bright, solid, shiny white.  She features muzzle pinking and unpainted eye whites.  She wears a USA mold mark.  What an incredible variation she is!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #143