Gretel Custom, Dappled Silver Bay by Amanda Dionne

  • $89.95

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This beautiful silver bay custom was created by Amanda Dionne in 2012 and is unsigned.  Her original owner paid $170 for her. This pretty girl has subtle dapples, a beautiful face, and a nicely shaded mane and tail.  Oddly, she has a line of silver dots along her left hock and cannon indentations… perhaps meant for shading but didn't get blended?  She also has some shiny lines on both sides... Her owner called it cracking paint, but I believe she's mistaken, as her color is intact.  Perhaps it's just the finish... I think she'd love an overcoat of a satin clear-coat, and that would even out those shiny areas.  Her show name is Raspberry Patch.

Check out that beautiful face and little star!  With that tiny bit of TLC you could have a gorgeous pony mare to add to your show string!


Size:  Classic