Hackney ~ Excalibur - Factory Repaint over Giltedge!

Hackney ~ Excalibur - Factory Repaint over Giltedge!


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Excalibur is a black on the (Aristocrat) Hackney mold.  He was a Special Run at Breyerfest 1997, and only 200 were made.  If that's not scarce or interesting enough, about half of the run was actually factory repainted over the Gold Florentine Giltedge models that were recalled due to yellowing.  They were basecoated white, just like vintage chalkies, and then given Excalibur's black coat with four socks and a star.

This fellow is Near Mint with one tiny missing paint chip on the back of his left ear, which in his case, is actually a bonus:  He is a repainted Giltedge model, and it shows the gold paint of the original release under the black!  He has a pinpoint ear edge rub, a pinpoint rub on his left shoulder, and a scattering of pinpoint rubs on his left front hoof.  He is a basecoat chalky, as is this whole run.  He's a handsome, grey-black fellow with shaded hooves and neatly painted red mane bands.  With only around 100 of these guys in the world, you may never get another chance to add one to your herd!

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Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #410497

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