Haflinger Team with Wagon


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This beautiful set was made by D&H Custom Designs from Iowa several years ago.  A matched pair of Haflingers cheerfully pulls a "John Deere green" wagon, styled as a farm or delivery wagon, with rugged construction and reinforcing metal bars fore and aft.  It is handcrafted from wood and metal with plastic wheels.  It features step sides, front wheels that steer, and a metal whiffletree and evener assembly. The driver's seat features metal suspension for a smoother ride.  The harnesses, handcrafted to fit this team and wagon, are leather with shining hardware.  It's a gorgeous, finished piece.

Left horse has a rub on his tail and a rough area in the finish of his neck.  He has really pretty shading in his mane and tail. 

Right horse has a line of tiny rubs up his right girthline from the harness and a few pinpoint rubs here and there.  He's a very dark version of this release. 

Harnesses look to be in as-made condition, very pretty for display. 

Wagon is beautiful for display, with a small chip out of the underside of the front and a couple of spots where the black has chipped off, easy to touch up.  It looks like the wagonsmith forgot to put a spacer between one front wheel and its axle, but it's not noticeable on display. 

Horses and wagon will be detached and separately wrapped for shipping.  Bits of soft tp will be inserted between harness and horse to protect the horses' finish.  Because of the length of the wagon and tongue, the set will require a fairly large box, so shipping will reflect that.  It's a really neat piece with quality craftsmanship, perfect for display at home or even at a business.

As with any custom painted piece, we urge caution regarding shipping in hot weather - You may want to use our Hold Program if you live in an area where temps are currently hot for shipping, and then request that we ship it once temps have cooled.  While the finish feels perfectly cured, it's not worth risking a beautiful piece heating up and sticking to its wrappings... We're happy to hold it for you until you feel it's safe to ship to your location.


Size:  Traditional