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Comanche was widely renowned as the only surviving horse from Custer's command at the Battle of Little Bighorn.  He was found wounded on the riverbank and nursed back to health by farrier Gustave Korn, who became his caretaker and friend for life.  Comanche was considered the beloved mascot of the 7th Cavalry, and official orders were written that he be cared for well at the cavalry base for all his remaining years.  He was given free run of the base - literally:  He joined the men at the mess hall, visited the officers' quarters for sugar cubes, and trotted over to take his place at the front of the line each time the bugle sounded, calling the men to formation.  When he passed away, he was given the honor of a full military funeral... One of only two horses to-date to receive that honor (the other being Blackjack, the famous "riderless horse" at the JFK funeral and over a thousand others).  A wonderful history of Comanche can be seen here.


[Upon his death, Comanche was mounted so that he could continue to be honored, and today resides at the KU Biodiversity Institute and Natural History Museum at the University of Kansas, where his exhibit is the most visited in the museum.]

Breyer honored Comanche with this release on the Halla-Bolya mold in 2001-2003.  While the living Comanche was a buckskin, many old photos (due to the photography process of the time) make him appear darker.  Breyer split the difference and made him a dun!  He wears the US mark on his shoulder and his  I 7 brand on his left hip, which stands for (letter) "I" Company, 7th Cavalry, and came with a VHS copy of the movie "Comanche," about the horse.  The complete set is hard to find these days.

This fellow is still attached in original box with movie.  This guy features the most crazy, fabulous leg barring - His artist really took the job seriously, giving him stripes all the way down all four legs!  What a cool variation.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1134

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