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Halla, Famous Jumper w/ Original Box and Brochure


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Halla was an amazing mare who holds the record to this day for the most Gold Medals from the Olympic Games.  She was born on May 16, 1945, the daughter of a French Trotter and a Standardbred.  She showed great talent for jumping but was difficult to handle and several riders were tried with her before she found her true partner:  Hans Gunter Winkler.  It was with Winkler that she attained great fame, winning 125 jumping competitions together and amassing Olympic Gold Medals.  After her retirement in 1960, she lived a happy life as a broodmare, passing away at an amazing 34 years of age.

Breyer had Chris Hess sculpt a tribute model to this famous athlete in 1977.  Her model was discontinued in 1985.


Halla and Winkler make this Olympic jump look easy, 1958.  [Photo credit: IOC Olympic Museum Collections]


This lady is Near Mint with just pinpoint ear tip rubs.  She features beautifully blended highlights, nostril shading, and a slightly lighter muzzle.  She wears a satin/semi-gloss finish that is stunning.  She comes with her original box (excellent condition with some discoloration and minor wear) and a 1983 brochure.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #63