Hanoverian, Black (shrinky) - Only 375 Made

Hanoverian, Black (shrinky) - Only 375 Made


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This beautiful solid black Hanoverian was a Special Run only available through Your Horse Source in 1987.  Only 375 were made, and since the run is from the shrinky era, it's certain that many of those no longer exist in OF condition.

This fellow is Factory Mint with no rubs seen, but he's an early-stage shrinky, with a vinegar scent and some unevenness to his finish.  Shrinkiness will certainly progress some while he's wrapped here, waiting to be adopted.  He would love to find a home and get into the open air as soon as possible, so we're pricing him lower than you'd expect for such a small run.

He requires a prop or Horse Rack to stand securely.  He is really an eye-catcher in his solid black coat, and as long as you can display him on open-air shelves, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend adding him to your conga.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #410158

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