Hanoverian, Dapple Grey ~ JC Penney SR, Semi-Gloss

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This deep dapple grey Hanoverian was only available as part of JC Penney's International Horse Collector's Set in 1989.  He features grey-on-grey dappling, black stockings, mane and tail, with a semi-gloss finish.

He is in Good to Very Good condition, with one large scratch on his left hip (see photo).  He also has eartip and hoof edge rubs which could be easily touched up.  With his rich, warm grey color and subtle shading, and short release time, he's a beautiful model for display.  Here's your opportunity to get him for a bargain price. This mold is known to often be tippy, so we recommend Museum Putty as cheap insurance.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #715963-Hanoverian