Hansel and Gretel


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Hansel and Gretel debuted as new molds at Breyerfest 2011 to much acclaim.  The pair of Haflingers was an instant hit, and their value continues to increase.  Mother Gretel and her colt Hansel are both done in deep liver chestnut with two, short hind socks and semi-gloss finish.  Only 800 were made.

Both horses are in Factory Mint condition. Gretel is very dark with chocolate highlights that show her subtle dappling.  She features painted eyewhites, a blaze and snip, hind socks, and a pearly mane and tail. "Breyerfest 2011" is printed on her belly in gold. Hansel features the same markings as his mom, except he has no dapples and a textured coat.  


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711133