Heroes of the West Set - Man O' War, Harper, Haflinger Foal


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The West was developed by the power of the horse!  Even the great railroads of the 1800s couldn't have been built without all the horses that hauled men, equipment and supplies.  This gorgeous set includes three horses of the type that built the West. 

The Classic Standing Thoroughbred is done in light grey and wears a Western saddle, bridle and blue saddle blanket, ready for his next adventure.  That might just be rounding up the grulla mare (Harper mold) and black foal (Haflinger Foal mold) when they escape from the corral again.  Set also comes with fence sections, feed and water buckets, everything you need to start your own Western Ranch!  This set was only produced from 2017-2019.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #61098