Highland Pony ~ Fruitcake Fillies, Purple

Highland Pony ~ Fruitcake Fillies, Purple


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For Christmas 2018, Breyer gifted collectors with a Web Special decorator on the Stablemates Highland Pony.  Called Fruitcake Fillies, the release was a gambler's choice - If you ordered one, you might get pink, blue, green, or purple at random.  Only 500 of each were made. Of these, purple rarely comes up for sale, as people love her. 

This fellow is Factory Mint and ridiculously cute!  She sports a pearly undercoat and blanket which adds some sparkle to her lilac body color, and those tiny colored sprinkles just put her over the top on the adorability-scale.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #712277

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