Hobo - Original Release - VARIATION: Body Shading

Hobo - Original Release - VARIATION: Body Shading


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Hobo of Lazy Heart Ranch is the main character in the book "Mustang:  Wild Spirit of the West" by Marguerite Henry.  This revolutionary book had a great influence on changing the policies of the American Bureau of Land Management toward more humane treatment of Mustangs on the range.  Breyer had Chris Hess sculpt this model in tribute to the book in 1975.  He is one of only two early Breyer molds that stands on only one foot, aided by a base.  The galloping Mustang wears the Lazy Heart brand on his hip and stands on a base that reads "Hobo of the Lazy Heart (in symbols) Ranch."  Because the weight of the models tended to warp these thin bases over time, resulting in the model toppling over, it's hard to find either model or base in good condition these days.   Finding one that's in great condition, WITH its original box and a brochure?  Nearly impossible.

This fellow is in Excellent to Near Mint condition with a tiny tail tip rub, a couple of tiny muzzle rubs, and a pinpoint rub or two on his body, along with a few dark specks in his finish.  His right eye paint is a bit messy, but I think you'll forgive that, because he's all-around the prettiest we've seen on this release!  He is a variation featuring lots of sooty body shading that makes him a real stand-out.  He also features muzzle shading and black-shaded eartips.  His base is beautifully shaded.  It is beginning to curve up on the ends a little, as they always do over time, but it holds him well, and he actually stands pretty upright.  His previous owner used a piece of masking tape underneath his base to stabilize him, and that worked great.  We'll remove him from his base to wrap it separately for shipping.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #625

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