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Hobo ~ Riddle Passing Through Time Phase 1

Hobo ~ Riddle Passing Through Time Phase 1


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Breyer's special set depicting the special roaning gene of many Appaloosas, the "Passing Through Time" series on the Hobo mold was very popular, but only released for one year: 1995.  Only 3800 were made, and finding them still in their original boxes is getting harder all the time.  This is "Phase One," showing the young Appaloosa as a bay with spotted blanket.

This fellow has never been removed from his box.  For a clearer photo, I slid off the outside plastic box, but box is complete and model has no visible blemishes.  He's a lovely color with few spots... making him match Phases 2 and 3 very well.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #703595