Holiday Costume ~ Noelle, Peace On Earth


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Costume only - Horse not included. This is the costume that goes to the Breyer 2008 Holiday Horse Noelle.  It is one of their more lovely costumes, managing to appear both magical and elegant at the same time.  If your horse is missing his costume, or parts of it, and you need another as a parts set to restore yours, here's a great opportunity.

This costume includes a hunter green velvet saddle sewn into a gold and ivory saddle blanket and fancy trim.  "Peace on Earth" is embroidered on the ribbon on one side, and there are white dove and white roses on the velvet saddle.  It is missing a couple of snowflakes, very common since they appear to have been attached only with hot glue.  Replacements can probably be found at your local craft store.  Everything else seems to be intact and in Near Mint condition.

[Horse not included.  We thank Embajador IX for modelling (pun intended) this costume for us.  He is for sale separately here, if still available.]


Breyer Model #700108 (costume only)