Horse String Lights

  • $24.95

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We've had them decorating our store's front window for two years and everyone wanted to know if we'd sell them... Finally, they're available! 

Each string is ten feet long and contains ten horse lights.  Each horse is approximately the height of Breyer Little Bits or CollectA.  They plug into a regular wall outlet.  Indoor use only.  They include horses of three colors: bay, buckskin and palomino, with a mixture of each on each string. 

We ran these day and night at our store for over 9 months.  While we don't recommend leaving them on day and night for that long, they're perfect for decorating your trailer or stall at a horse show, your barn, porch, bedroom, or even a Christmas tree! 

Photo of our store shows them turned off in the window... So they're a great decoration even when not plugged in! 


Please note, due to the length of the packaging these come to us in (24" long), we will  not be shipping them in their manufacturer display packaging.  If we were to do so, the box required would be large and cost a lot more to ship.  Instead, we'll remove them from their packaging and ship them in one of our smaller boxes to save you money on shipping.