Huckleberry Bey ~ Technicolor - Breyerfest SR

Huckleberry Bey ~ Technicolor - Breyerfest SR


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This crazy-gorgeous, color-change stallion was a Special Run for Breyerfest 2010.  Huck wears a dappled black coat with blue/purple interference paint over it, giving him a metallic sheen that makes him look like he's in motion.  He is framed by a pearly grey mane and tail with the same interference paint, four socks and a bald face.  Only 1100 were made, and they rarely leave a collection once they join one.

This fellow is Factory Mint condition and spectacular, with color-change blue-purple interference paint over his coat, mane and tail.  He comes with one of our (removable) solid steel bases (a $20.95 value) to keep him safely upright. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711116

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