Icelandic ~ Falhofnir - Premier Club (with 2 Current NAN cards!)


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This exquisite pinto Icelandic was a Premier Club release in 2014.  The first release on this new mold, they took extra care to make him special.  He is a silver bay pinto with a little star and a snip, tri-colored eyes, and ghosted markings.  Only around 741 were produced.

If you're looking for your new show champion, this could very well be the guy!  Words and photos don't do justice here.  This handsome boy is Factory Mint with stunning shading and dapples.  He comes with his original packaging, including his satin-lined drawstring pouch and original box (which got dented in transit to us).  He comes with a plethora of ribbons and two current NAN cards... Making him the most decorated model we've had to-date! 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #90177