Ideal Quarter Horse ~ Progeny of Leo - Rare Early Version w/o Socks!

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Second in the AQHA Progeny series, which features "offspring" of the breed's founding sires, this sorrel was called Progeny of Leo.  He represents Leo's contribution to the breed, and came with an registration application that mimic AQHA registration, that his owner could send in to receive registration papers for their model.

This is the hard-to-find early version of this release, which changed in March to have socks and a stripe.  This solid version is nearly identical to the prior year's Progeny of Wimpy, except it features lighter shading and hooves.  It still bears the prior year's "AQHA '95" mold mark as well, making it a desirable "Breyer mistake" model.  Per Nancy Young's book, the editor of "JAH" magazine, when asked how many of this version were made, said there could be "as many as 1000, but she suspected fewer, something like several hundred."  Further providing provenance for this being the Leo model rather than the prior year's Wimpy, this model comes with his AQHA registration papers, printed by Breyer, which bear the original owner's name and date of February 26, 1996, with the sire being listed as Leo. They list him as a "Bay Stallion," but that's because the model's owner got to specify the horse's color and gender. 

He is in Near Mint condition with just pinpoint rubs on his right flank, right hind pastern and coronet and left hind fetlock.  He is a beautifully smooth color with dorsal stripe and muzzle shading.  This is a very hard to find variation, so don't let him get away!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #498