Ideal Quarter Horse ~ Progeny of Wimpy P-1

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First in the AQHA Progeny series, which features "offspring" of the breed's founding sires, this sorrel was called Progeny of Wimpy P-1.  He represents Wimpy's contribution to the breed, and came with an registration application that mimic AQHA registration, that his owner could send in to receive registration papers for their model.

This is the red sorrel variation, rather than the "golden brown" sorrel that is typical of this release.  His mane and tail are the same color as his body, with slightly darker shading.

This fellow is in Near Mint condition with pinpoint rubs on his eartips, one hoof edge, and his left hind pastern.  He features a dorsal stripe and beautiful, dark face shading.  He comes with his "registration papers" printed by Breyer with his original owner's name, dated February 20, 1996.  They list him as a "Bay Mare," but apparently that's because the model's owner got to specify the horse's color and gender.  He's a beautiful example of this release and having his registration papers is a rare bonus!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #497