Ideal Stock Horse ~ Bannack - Heart of the Rockies SR

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Nothing says elegance more than classic black... unless it's classic black with a lacy Appaloosa blanket!  Bannack is a gorgeous black Stock Horse  with a masked blanket that just sits atop his rump, complete with Appy spots.  He also wears a star and a snip.  He was named for the gold rush ghost town of Bannack, Montana, and was only available at the Heart of the Rockies event in 2001.

This fellow is Near Mint, marked down for an eartip rub so subtle you'll wonder why we bothered to mention it, and the slightest of masking slips here and there among his spots.  He has a super smooth feel, bi-colored eyes, and a pink snip.


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #: