Ideal Stock Horse ~ Millenium Horse

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Peter Stone kicked off the new Millennium in style with a silvery dapple grey Ideal Stock Horse.  Millenium Horse wears soft grey shading and dapples, along with a darker silvery grey tail to match his muzzle shading and a handpainted brand that says Y2K on his right hip.  All of this is finished with a coat of lovely gloss to make him a real stand-out.  As you might expect, he was only available in 2000.


This fellow is Factory Mint with dapples that range from tiny "roaning speckles" to larger full dapples.  Dappling shows only on his hindquarters, neck and face.  His tail, hooves and muzzle are silvery with metallic sheen, and he wears a chrome Peter Stone signature under his belly.  He even comes with his original box sticker.


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #: 9965