Ideal Stock Horse ~ Shez Stone Gold

  • $129.95

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This gorgeous mare was only produced for Hi-Way Hobby House in 2000.  Only 175 were made.  She's a golden palomino with gold flecks incorporated to give him some sparkle.  (If her name sounds familiar, it's because Hi-Way Hobby House also had a stallion made at the same time called Hez Stone Gold.)

This pretty girl is Near Mint with just light eartip rubs!  She has an un-sanded seam along her mane edge and is made from slightly ivory plastic.  She features gold speckles to add a bit of glimmer, a hand-painted snip and lightly shaded lower front legs.  She comes with her COA and box sticker.


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #:0961B