Ideal Stock Horse ~ Skeeterbug

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Skeeterbug is a beautifully done bay roan made only in 2000.  He wears a dark head, speckled body, one white sock and a neat, unique face marking.  Topped off with an airbrushed dorsal shading and a glossy finish, he's an eye-catcher everywhere he goes!

This fellow is Factory Mint with a few rogue roan speckles, including one on the edge of his blaze.  He features an interesting, pinto-like face marking, both warm and sooty shading and both chestnut and grey speckles!  He also has a light dorsal stripe… This guy manages to pack a lot of luscious color into one horse and still look great.  He even comes with his original box sticker.


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #: 9988