Indian Pony, Chestnut Appaloosa

Indian Pony, Chestnut Appaloosa


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The beloved Indian Pony wore this chestnut varnish Appaloosa coat only for a single year in 2000.  She sports roaning on her shoulders and face, an airbrushed blanket with spots, one front sock and a blaze that extends over her muzzle.

This pretty girl is in Excellent condition.  She has some issues that on paper sound like they should rate her lower, but because of their location and/or size, they don't detract from her displayability.  She has a very tiny chip off the top of her left ear, which has been touched up, so you'll only notice it if you're looking for it.  she also some light digs with rubs on the back of her right hind fetlock and coronet.  Beyond that, she has a few tiny marks in black, white, and blue, which may clean off, and mild yellowing, which you can correct by sunbathing her for a few days.  She's a pretty girl for display, while being bargain-priced because of her issues.


Size:  Traditional

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