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Indian Pony ~ Ichilay - Circled Eye Warpaint


  • $3995

Breyer's tribute to Native American Nations continued in 1993 with four Indian Pony models called Ichilay, each with a different style of war paint.  They are grey roans with grey body color flecked with brown speckles and accented with charcoal brown manes, tails, knees, hocks, and face shading. This model wears the Circled Eye design:  a red circle is painted around her left eye so that she may see danger.  These models were available for a single year only.

This mare is Near Mint with a rub on her left eye that could be easily touched up, and some yellowing in her sock, also easily fixable with a few days of sunbathing. She comes with her original hangtag.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #882 (Circled Eye)