Irish Sport Horse ~ Jasper - Glossy w/COA & Box #1


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This gorgeous fellow is Jasper, a golden buckskin Irish Sport Horse.  He wears four socks and a stripe with a pink snip.  Jasper was limited to 150 pieces worldwide in this finish.  Each is hand-painted, so shades and details may vary from model to model, making each one unique.

We have the last of the first-quality models from this final Copperfox release.  We have decided to list each of them separately with a description of each individual model so you can choose your favorite.  When they're gone, Copperfox models will be forever sold out from original suppliers.

This Jasper is our pick as Best Of The Herd!

He has the lightest body color and most sooty shading of the group.  Sooty shading can be seen on his shoulders and neck.  He also has the most neatly painted stripe.  As with almost every Jasper, there are some tiny areas on the underside of his tail that didn't get painted... They're glossy black, so they'll be easy for you to touch up.

He is straight from the manufacturer to us, and comes in Copperfox's beautiful collector's box which will carry him safely to you, along with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity.   


Model #CF624G

Model Size:  Approx. 18" Long, 12" tall