John Henry, Bay Roan - JC Penney SR

John Henry, Bay Roan - JC Penney SR


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What an eye-catching color on the John Henry mold.  He sports a bay roan coat with tiny speckles, a dark head and a blaze for this Special Run release, which was available only through JC Penney in 1998 as part of the Cowboy Pride Ranch Horse Gift Set.  He is super hard to find nowadays, and we're lucky to have been sent this one in great condition!

This fellow is Near Mint with only tiny eartip and tail tip rubs!  Those are par for the course, since Breyer used to just throw sets into a box with no more protection than a clear bag over each model and no packing material to keep them from moving around.  He's obviously been well cared for since he came out of the box.  He is the original "textured" version of John Henry, sporting a just slightly slightly warmer-than-white coat with the tiniest of roan speckling.  He features a neatly masked star and strip, bright whites, and muzzle pinking.  Like all on this mold, he's tippy, so we recommend Museum Putty or a Horse Safety Rack to keep him safely upright. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #707598

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