John Henry ~ Forego, Racing Legend w/ Blanket

John Henry ~ Forego, Racing Legend w/ Blanket


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The John Henry mold was chosen as the portrait mold for the famous Thoroughbred racehorse Forego, who won eight Eclipse awards during his career, including Horse of the Year. He raced until he was eight years old, a very long career for an American Thoroughbred at that level, and then retired to live out a happy retirement at Kentucky Horse Park. 

The model made to honor him carries a victory blanket with his name embroidered on it, and was only procuded in 2006.  This fellow is still new in his unopened box.  If you'll be displaying him out of his box, the mold is known to be tippy, so we recommend Museum Putty for security.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1273