John Henry ~ General Grant's Cincinnati

John Henry ~ General Grant's Cincinnati


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Breyer's Horses in History series featured Civil War General Ulysses Grant's horse Cincinnati.  The huge bay Thoroughbred, a gift from an admirer, was General Grant's favorite among his beloved horses.  A horseman since childhood, he was an excellent rider and cared deeply for his animals.  The photo below shows three of the General's horses:  (left to right) Egypt, Cincinatti, and Jeff Davis (taken from Jefferson Davis's farm during the Vicksburg Campaign).  Cincinnati stands taller than the rest at 17 hands, and was a son of Lexington, the fastest four-mile Thoroughbred in the world and influential sire, who is mounted and on display at Kentucky Horse Park, where he is still revered.  Photography was still fairly expensive and took a long time to produce at that time, so for him to commission a photograph of his horses is impressive.  For them to stand still while it was taken says a lot about them, as well!

General Grant's horses
[General Grant's favorites (Cincinnati in the center) in a photo taken during the war.  Photo source: Wikipedia]


Breyer's tribute to Cincinnati was done on the John Henry mold and was only a two-year release in 1999 and 2000.  He is a dark bay with solid legs and a star.

This fellow is still attached in his original box.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #755

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